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My secret to feeling good

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Do you feel tired, lacking in energy and overweight? Do you struggle with physical body issues or pain and just don’t feel like the best version of you right now? Would you like to make a shift and feel energized, healthy, lighter and radiant?

Well, I have the solution for you. DETOXING!

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The first time I experienced a detox was about 7 years ago. I’d just finished a nutrition course and I decided to try the miraculous detox program that promised to cure lots of illnesses. I had no idea what to expect. Ready for the adventure, I bought a juicer, stocked up on fruit and vegetables and I was ready to go! :-) The beginning of the journey was easy, besides the fact that it took time to make all the freshly squeezed juices and the broth, I really enjoyed it. But to be honest the second and third days were very intense. I felt frustrated and grumpy. I didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be, especially doing it at home also having to feed my hubby and the kids. Tapping into my courage and willpower, I finally got through the headaches, tiredness and the pain, my back was sore. By the fourth day my energy started to change. My mind became so clear. These days, we hear a lot about the relationship between gut health and the brain health and after this detox it was so obvious why. My mind was sharp. The fifth and final day I reached a state of what I can only describe as well-being. I suddenly felt super energized; my skin was brighter and I felt radiant. It was like I got my power back. It was an amazing feeling… Since then, I knew I wanted to help others feel the same. I’ve now completed many different types of detoxes. I aim to do one with each change of season. It really helps me to keep my balance and to stay healthy. Through the process of detoxing and cleansing you can shift on many different levels. On the mind, body, emotional and spiritual levels. You may start to release suppressed emotions crystallized in the body, remove toxins from the body, heal aches and pains and clear the mind. It’s a real realignment of your body, your mind and your soul leaving you feeling lighter, happier and more free and I highly recommend it to all my clients. If you’re ready to experience a transnational shift for yourself, start with my 7 Secrets To Detoxing Here.

If you’d like 1-1 support through it, you’re invited to join us on my next Ayurveda and Kundalini detox retreat on the 23rd to the 29th of November in Tulbagh (Cape Town). Find out more about the retreat here

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