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Do you take enough care of yourself?

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Do any of these sound like you?


You have plenty of ideas but you sabotage yourself when it’s time to express them;

You yearn to change your job but there are so many reasons why you keep yourself there;

You dream about new experiences, new adventures but you hold yourself back;

You have big goals and dreams but you are afraid you’re not good enough;

You want to do things but you don’t because you always put others needs first;…


This used to be me, until I learned about self-care.


There are so many reasons that we keep ourselves small and unhappy….. Instead of taking care of ourselves, aligning with who we really are and with what brings joy in our lives.


« There is nothing outside us, it’s all in us »


Those are Yogi Bhajan’s words.


When you understand that philosophy in a deep way, life can become very different. You will grow and move through obstacles with more ease.


My yoga practice has literally changed my relationship with myself. It allowed me to go within and this really helped me overcome my doubts and to build my self confidence. It gave me the courage to live my purpose, take responsibility for my life and keeps me focused on who I am and my most important needs.


It’s a self-care practice that changed my life and I’ve seen it do the same for countless others.


The practice of yoga is a way to connect within and to bring awareness on all aspects of. yourself. You take time to feel you body, to connect with your emotions, to observe your thoughts, to understand your belief systems and heal. When you become aware of all these aspects of yourself you are able to step back and make the right choices from the right place. 


Kundalini yoga is powerful tool to shift your energy. The practice is very efficient and quick. Through a few breathing exercices, asanas and mantras, you suddenly feel lighter, you change your vibration and you are able to reach your inner strength.


Isn’t it about time you started to take care of yourself and put you first for a change? As a result, you will be able to do more for those around you.


What one change can you begin to make today to do this?


Why not give yourself the gift of health, happiness and self-care at my upcoming retreat?


Give yourself the opportunity to tap into that full potential within and be who you really are!


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