• To step away from your life and get a kick start to boost and balance your energy.

  • To (re)connect with who you really are and observe your inner value.

  • To understand why you feel tired, lost, depressed, upset, disappointed...

  • To get out of your comfort zone and find your life purpose.

  • To connect with what makes you happy, free and light in your heart.

  • To align body, mind and soul.


Your body is your temple.

When you take some time within, you transform your relationship with your body, mind and heart in order for you to shine.

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of deep awareness and transformation.

A regular practice brings magical shifts.

Combining this powerful tool with a deep cleanse and you will clear your energy and rebalance your body.

It is a unique opportunity to build strength and resilience.

It will give you confidence to create the life you desire.



You will clear the toxins of your body.

It will improve emotional and mental health to move forward into your life. Your digestion will be better and you will have a greater energy and vitality. Your immune system will be stronger.


The practice will bring awareness on all aspects of your life. It will quiet the thoughts that keep you feeling fearful, stuck, and insecure, so that the heart and soul can flourish. Your heart will show the way to your highest potential, not the mind!


You will change your vibration and be able to live with purpose by attracting abundance and happiness in your life. The confidence you get from Kundalini Yoga arises from deep within. It does not depend on external circumstances.


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    South Africa
    Private retreat : teambuilding - family reset - friends gathering
    To be organized regarding your needs and availabilities
  • Sat, Feb 15
    Guinevere Guest Farm
    7-days retreat - kundalini yoga, detox & ayurveda
    Do you feel in need of some fresh country air? Some time for yourself? Time to get back in touch with your needs? To stretch your body, breathe and let go of physical tension? to nourish your soul? to clarify your mind? Join us and live an amazing transformative experience!

« When you don't go within, you go without »

Yogi Bhajan



Kundalini Yoga teacher

Life alignment practioner

Therapist (reflexology - acupressure - reiki)

I’m Iseut and my goal is to guide you through your life journey.

I am really passionate about the body, the mind and the energy. Everything lives and intercepts in harmony and symbiosis.

Energy doesn't lie and I think it needs to be a priority to work on that level to be able to create the life that we love.

Energy blockages can hold you back in your life, It is essential to take the time to clear them and be totally empowered.

Awareness is a huge key. You can then use all opportunities, obstacles ; and experiences to learn something new and to grow.

Life is a journey. The caterpillar-to-butterfly transformation is possible for everyone with the right support and that is exaclty what I would like to share with you !

My main aim is to see people become more radiant, self-confident and full of vitality in order to live a totally happy life.


Life Alignment practioner

Therapist (reflexology, deep tissue massage, lymphdrainage, hot stone,..)

I am Jenny. I was born in Cape Town and grew up in Austria (Europe), where I did my qualification to be a Healthtrainer & massage Therapist. I worked in a Detox Clinic, with Physios and Homeopath in CT.

I am married and have 2 beautiful daughters and work from home, continuously researching, studying and chilling with my dogs, spending time in Nature.

I offer:
LYMPHDRAINAGE which I like to combine with dry brushing and the use of my Rife Machine to further enhance the cleansing effect.
LIFE ALIGNMENT which is emotional processing through Questions+ Energy balancing and 
Nutritional scanning of Vitamins/ Minerals and holistic Health advice.
In the business of making people feel better since 1993.


‘’I loved every moment of the day, from the energising yoga, to the nutritious tea, juice, nut-milk and broth that kept me going through the day, to the relaxing meditations and the inspiring and thought provoking workshop around the science of Aurveda which really provided and insight into a healthy and more aligned way of living. I came away feeling rejuvenated and inspired with knowledge and ideas to take better care of my well-being. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone needing a reset, a detox and some inspiring tools to improve their health, happiness and well-being. Thank you.’’

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